Saturday, 22 November 2014

My 100th Post

This is my 100th blog and I felt I wanted to do something different to mark the occasion.  It has been an amazing journey so far and I have been staggered by the response and stories I heard.     It has been humbling to learn that I have also helped other people by sharing my story and experiences.  This all started because as a male victim, I thought that what had happened to me just didn't happen to men.  I was alone.  I discovered that I wasn't the only one, so it became important to me to get that message out that a man caught or feeling trapped in an abusive relationship isn't on his own.  It happens to more men than society would have you believe.  What follows is some of the many kind and gracious comments I've received since commencing blogging:


It was an absolute pleasure to interview @SiVictim tonight. What a brave and inspirational man with such a powerful story to tell

We want to thank @SiVictim for his contribution and support to our online magazine.(DVUK is 2 Today)

@SiVictim thank you, you're very welcome and well done to you for raising awareness

The Silence of Domestic Violence: Support 4 Male Victims ………  … … … … Brilliant blog by v brave man @SiVictim #IMD2013

@SiVictim GREAT MEETING YOU - #YOUmakeadifference - we hope to see you again soon! Thanks for all your support. #BESBWA
The Silence of Domestic Violence: Support for Male Victims …  … … Brilliant blog by a very brave man @SiVictim

That last post was from @SiVictim thanks for sharing your story and helping reduce the stigma for others to come forward #familyviolence

@SiVictim keep up the good work

@SiVictim What a great blog you have set up. V inspirational and well done for breaking the misconceptions about male DV.

@SiVictim Thanks for contributing to the mutual support magazine. (Domestic Violence UK is one today)

wow Great that @itvcorrie & you are raising awareness for such a taboo subject.

@SiVictim thanks for sharing your story Ian- you may be interested in our film which is going to raise awareness that DV can affect men too
Check out @SiVictim and his focus on male survivors of domestic violence.

#ff @SiVictim Follow him because he is a Male DV victim now raising awareness about #DomesticAbuse and its impact :-)

PLEASE RT  … <<< Male victims can join and speak to a survivor @SiVictim #DomesticAbuse #bizitalk

@SiVictim You are brave and you should be very proud of yourself. It will take time to get the message out, you can only do so much :-)

@SiVictim@Lizzielegate Thanks for the RT. Keep up the good work!” TY! you too :) #MutualAppreciation

@SiVictim is a male victim of domestic abuse, raising awareness through his blog >> << Go check it out!

Check out this blog by a male DV victim!  @sivictim

@SiVictim Thank you very much for following me!! I am honored and look forward to working together to assist victims! Congratulations!!

@sivictim Please continue to speak out. It helps you as well as other victims. It also helps you to take your power back. That's important.

I am deeply moved by the story of @SiVictim At times, I could not contain my tears.

@SiVictim A lot of courage is needed to speak out as a male victim in a world where violence put on men the burden of being the agressor

@SiVictim thank you for sharing your story, we need more men who have endured this to speak up.

@SiVictim thank you for sharing your story with me. i'm humbled. I will read all the posts to learn more...


  1. Hello, I have been reading your blog and I too thought I was alone with now where to turn. As a man on the receiving end of domestic violence I was too ashed to tell others and too afraid to leave because we had a daughter together and I feared for her safety.I have just started my own blog ( to talk about my experiences and maybe help other as you have done with yours. Support for victims is so one sided in the UK and if you report this to the police you are just not taken seriously. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world you have given me confidence.

  2. Thank you John for your comments. I will read your Blog and I'm sure it will have a great impact. Hope you are safe. Feel free to email me anytime if I can help.